Dorot will install S-300 pump control valves, pressure reducing valves, flow rate control valves amongst others for use in the turbine shaft cooling system.

Longtan dam is the second largest hydroelectric power station in Asia, located in on the Hongshui River in southern China. The project was designed to provide power generation, improve conditions for shipping, help flood control and combat salt tide that has plagued water usage in cities along the Pearl River Delta. The project involves the construction of a roller compacted concrete gravity dam, subterranean power plant, and two ship locks to allow for navigation past the dam.

The completed dam will stand 216.5m high and 832m wide. The underground power plant will be 388.5m long, 285m wide, and 72.7m high. The hydro power station will be equipped with nine generators, with a total installed power capacity of 5400MW, which is expected to produce between 15.6 to 18.7 billion kilowatt-hours annua