Under the contract, awarded late last year, DSD Noell will provide:

• Steel linings for two horizontal pressure shafts with an internal diameter of 4.4m from surge shaft up to the gate chamber

• Steel linings for two inclined pressure shafts (approx. 40°, each 1.000 m long) with an internal diameter of 4.2m from gate chambers up to bifurcations

• Four draft tube steel linings at an internal diameter of 4m

Linthal 2015 – currently the largest hydro power and infrastructure project in the Swiss energy industry – is located in Swiss canton of Glarus. The project provides for a comprehensive expansion of the KLL plants.

The main component of the project is the construction of an underground pumped storage plant between Limmern and Muttsee, above Linthal, thus increasing the performance of the KLL plants by 1000MW to 1460MW. The pumped storage plant is located at an altitude of about 1700m a.s.l. and is built around 600m inside the mountain. Four turbine-generator-sets with a capacity of 250MW each will be installed in the power house cavern.

The project features an adjustable pump and turbine with a maximum output of 1000MW. It will pump water from the existing reservoir Limmernboden at 1860m asl. into the 600m higher Muttsee and in reverse will generate electricity during turbine operation mode. To accomplish the required output it is necessary to increase the Muttsee water level by 30m.

Starting at Tierfehd near the valley’s bottom a new access tunnel will be created for access to the powerhouse cavern. The tunnel will be equipped with a funicular railway.

Major works of the new hydro power plant started in January 2010, following extensive preparatory works which were completed in early summer 2008.

This work is the second contract assigned to DSD Noell by KLL. From 2003 to 2006 the company was involved in KLL’s Nestil pumped storage project.