Power management company Eaton is to update the power and control systems at Green Mountain Power’s (GMP) Proctor, Vermont hydroelectric facility, as part of a wider modernization project at the 6.9MW plant.

Under the contract, Eaton will design and install new electrical infrastructure at the century-old Proctor station, which currently includes five turbine-generating units that produce 6.9 megawatts of low carbon energy. Expected to be complete in January 2015, the modernization project includes the replacement of the excitation system, governors, turbines, control system and power distribution equipment.

"With our expert engineering resources, Eaton is committed to helping modernize and ensure that the Proctor hydro generation facility can operate sustainably for decades to come," said John Stampfel, vice president and general manager, Electrical Engineering Services and Systems Division, Eaton.

With a fleet of 32 hydro stations across Vermont, GMP has one of the largest fleets of hydroelectric generating stations in New England, US. The facilities produce renewable energy at a fraction of the cost of most other generation sources.