Eco Wave Power Global AB has announced that the EWP-EDF One station at the Port of Jaffa in Tel Aviv is officially linked to Israel's national electrical grid – making it the first wave energy project to deliver electricity to the country’s power supply.

The connection paves the way for the EWP-EDF One project to commence comprehensive system calibration. A ceremonial "plugging in" event, scheduled in the ensuing months, will celebrate this historic advancement and offer a demonstration of the station's capabilities.

In partnership with EDF Renewables IL and the Israeli Energy Ministry, the EWP-EDF One power station was realized with collaborative efforts and co-funding. Boasting an installed capacity of 100kW, the EWP-EDF One station can generate energy to power approximately 100 households during peak efficiency.

“We are proud to see our vision of sustainable wave energy becoming a reality at the Port of Jaffa,” said Eco Wave Power Founder and Chief Executive Officer Inna Braverman. “I am grateful to the EDF Renewables IL team, Israeli Energy Ministry, the Atarim Group (which manages and develops the Tel-Aviv Jaffa coastline), and my entire team at Eco Wave Power who worked tirelessly to take this project from an idea to a new source of clean energy for Israel. We believe this is just the start for wave energy and we are excited for this station to serve as a catalyst for many more projects across the globe.”

The Port of Jaffa installation features ten floaters aligned along the existing breakwater, with each floater directly connected to Eco Wave Power's land-based energy conversion unit. This design prioritizes easy access for maintenance and upgrades. 

In addition to providing clean energy to Israel’s electrical grid, the EWP-EDF One power station will also serve as a public education center. Eco Wave Power recently announced that it received the GREENinMED grant by the European Union, which will fund the creation and installation of a unique educational experience at the Port of Jaffa station.