Elleidium Wave Power has successfully demonstrated a new wave energy conversion technology, Adaptive Displacement, with a fully functional 1:25 scale prototype. The technology doubles the physical movement of the device to twice that of the wave height and increases the device's electricity production for each passing wave.

The technology uses modular and configurable displacement adapters to adjust the displacement of the device as it is moved by passing waves. This approach has never been attempted before and allows for a dependable, robust, and cost-effective solution to wave energy conversion, said the company.

The fully functioning prototype validates the theory and modeling that led to the technology's initial development. Adaptive Displacement can be implemented using simple and affordable low-cost components and requires no wave prediction instruments or other complex control systems to achieve a consistent and repeatable amplification of device movement and power production.

"When it comes to wave power and its place in the net-zero energy mix, we need to find a practical, efficient, and cost-effective solution and we need to do it quickly. As this prototype demonstrates, Adaptive Displacement has the very real potential to be that solution," said Jessica Fowler, Founder of Elleidium Wave Power.