Emerson and Dragos, Inc., developer of the Dragos Platform for industrial cybersecurity asset detection, threat detection and response, have signed a global agreement that will see Emerson integrate threat detection technology from the Dragos Platform into its Ovation automation platform and Power and Water Cybersecurity Suite. 

The Dragos Platform passively identifies assets and monitors network communications, giving customers greater visibility into their environments and insights into threats through intelligence-driven analytics, as well as prescriptive guidance in the form of playbooks and other tools to help them investigate and respond to cyber incidents more effectively. This additional layer of protection complements Emerson’s robust portfolio of security offerings for industrial control systems in the power and water industries, says the firms.

“We recognise the importance of continuously enhancing our security capabilities to address the shifting cybersecurity landscape,” explained Bob Yeager, president of Emerson’s power and water business. “This collaboration is the latest example of Emerson’s ongoing commitment to helping our customers provide services that are so critical to the public wellbeing.”

“With Dragos’ purpose-built platform for the industrial environment and Emerson’s automation expertise, we’re able to help power producers and water utilities effectively detect and respond to evolving threats and avoid unexpected disruptions to their operations,” added Robert M. Lee, founder and CEO of Dragos.

Beyond this agreement, Emerson and Dragos  have said they will continue to explore additional areas of collaboration with regards to solutions used by Emerson power and water industry customers.