En+ Group has announced it has become the first energy producer and supplier in Russia permitted to trade international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs).

En+ Group will supply I-RECs to end-consumers corresponding to the electric energy produced by En+ Group companies such as JSC EuroSibEnergo (Krasnoyarsk hydropower plant) and LLC Abakan SPP (Abakansk solar plant).

En+ Group can supply I-RECs to end-consumers interested in the procurement of renewable electricity for their operations, products and services. I-RECs serve to increase the transparency of the energy sector and provide clarity about the use of renewable electricity among end-consumers. The I-REC Standard ensures that issued certificates adhere to major international sustainability and carbon accountability standards including the GHGP, CDP and RE100, and adhere to stakeholder expectations of industry best practice. Energy consumers can use I-RECs to help them meet their carbon targets within ‘scope 2’, and to support their internal corporate social responsibility policies.

"The launch of Russia’s first I-RECs is further demonstration of En+ Group’s commitment to helping address the global climate crisis,” said Lord Barker, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of En+ Group. “We are helping our customers to minimise their own carbon impact through facilitating their consumption of clean energy. At the same time our New Energy Programme is increasing the efficiency of our hydropower plants to further reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions."

The issuer of I-RECs in Russia is non-profit organisation, Goal Number Seven (GNS). En+ Group began certified in I-REC trading after they signed the Cooperation Agreement with GNS in September.