The new unit has more than 270 mini-hydro plants in Italy, and their combined installed capacity is 1507MW. Elsewhere, the unit has approximately 1GW of hydro power assets. Its strategy is to both increase efficiency at existing plants and to focus on run-of-river developments.

Outside Italy, breakdown of the hydro power assets is 26MW in Spain, 314MW in North America and 640MW in Latin America.

At present, Enel Green Power has almost 4.3GW of installed capacity generating more than 17TWh.

In a statement, Francesco Starace, head of Enel’s renewable division in which the new unit operates, said: ‘With the new company, we intend to substantially increase the installed capacity relying on water, sun, wind and the natural heat of the earth, in the next five years, thanks to major development projects and to targeted investments in high-value projects.’