Upgrade work on the Enerdu Generation Station in Almonte, Ontario, has been completed, with the plant’s generating capacity increased by 70%.

In order to maximize the waterpower potential of the Mississippi River at Almonte, Enerdu Power Systems Ltd constructed a new powerhouse to accommodate larger turbines.

“Enerdu Power Systems Ltd. is to be commended for the completion of this project,” said Paul Norris, President of Ontario Waterpower Association. “This is a great example of the opportunities that exist across the province to expand the contribution of waterpower to provide economic, environmental and reliable energy benefits for present and future generations”.

Canadian Hydro Components Ltd. (OWA member) provided water-to-wire equipment. The generators were custom designed to connect directly to the turbine shaft using the pit wall as the generator shell. The direct connect feature eliminates the need for gearbox connection and provides better efficiency while decreasing costs.

“Ontario will need more and more reliable electricity within a decade”, added Norris. “More waterpower projects like this should begin now to help meet those requirements”