In its Q3 generation activities, EdB saw sales rise 10.7% following conclusion of the asset swap, in September, that brought majority control of the 902.5MW Lajeodo hydro power project, in Tocantins state. Before the contribution, energy sold was down 2.2% in the three months to 30 September.

During the quarter, EdB also saw a decline in energy acquired from the Itaipu hydro power scheme due to a change in quota.

Energy volume generated in the period increased 5.7% to 992.7GWh compared to last time, and average generation prices were up 13.4%. Energy sold increased 10.7% to 1,582GWh, one third of the total coming from full consolidation of the Lajeodo output, an increase of more than half in its contribution from Q3-’07.

EdB completed the asset swap for Lajeodo with Rede through increasing its stake in plant owner Investco.

At group level, the net consolidated operating revenue was up 5.2% to R$1.22B. Capital expenditure was down almost 16% compared to last time, partly due to the asset swap.

A year ago EdB inaugurated the 25MW Sao Joao scheme and began construction of the 29MW Santa Fe project, both in the state of Espirito Santo. The Santa Fe plant is due to be commissioned next year.

It has a number of small hydro power studies underway, having formed Enernova to explore potential projects with combined capacity of approximately 600MW.

In 2006, the company commissioned the 452MW Peixe Angical plant.

EdB is a majority-controlled subsidiary of Energias de Portugal (EdP).