Ruzizi III Energy Limited, developer of the Ruzizi III Regional hydropower project on the boundary of Rwanda and DRC , is inviting contractors to submit expressions of interest for an Engineer-Procure-Construct  (EPC) tender.

The project, which is being developed as a public-private partnership, has an intended installed capacity of about 149MW, subject to final definition studies. The private sector project sponsors are Industrial Promotion Services of Kenya and SN Power of Norway. Public parties are the Governments of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.  

The project will be located on the Ruzizi River at the border between DR Congo and Rwanda.  The EPC contract will include the engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of a 45m height embankment dam with associated spillway, low level outlet, and eco-flow powerhouse, a 3.8km long, 6 to 7m diameter, concrete-lined headrace tunnel from the dam reservoir to the powerhouse, penstock and unit penstocks, power station and switchyard, a 8.3km long 220 kV double-circuit transmission line connecting the Ruzizi III substation to the regional dispatch station in Kamanyola (DRC), access roads from Bugarama (Rwanda) and Kamanyola (DRC) to the dam site, and all ancillary and related works. The power station will have three generating units giving an installed capacity of at least 150MW.

Ruzizi III Energy Limited will pre-qualify contractors and consortia to tender for the RIII-EPC contract.  Pre-qualification documents will be made available, in electronic format for free, in a dedicated virtual data room. Interested applicants may request access to the VDR by sending an email to the following address: 

All queries related to the pre-qualification should be sent via email to the following email address: