The largest contract, valued at US$1.89M, was awarded to Con-Vey/Keyston Inc for the supply of 16 radial gates and radial gate hoists, with the company also winning a $214,600 contract for stop logs. K & N Electric Motors received a $115,712 contract for eight cast iron slide gates, with Airborne Veterans Service awarded a $99,922 contract to supply steel pipe. Another $49,70 contract to supply an engine-generator set was awarded to Millennium Products Inc.

“Reclamation is purchasing and storing the equipment before construction to avoid delays in the construction sequence which is critical because most of the work must be completed during the non-irrigation season,” said Jerrold Gregg, Snake River Area Manager. “The structures must be in-place and operational for water delivery, hydropower, and flood control during and between construction seasons.”

The Minidoka Spillway Replacement Project will replace deteriorating concrete that is over 100 years old and constantly in need of repairs. The work will also include the outdated 2237ft long pier and stop log structure which is labor intensive to operate. These repairs will allow USBR to continue to meet its contractual obligations for water delivery, power generation, and compliance with the Endangered Species Act.

Minidoka Dam was constructed in 1906 as part of the Minidoka Project. Minidoka Dam is operated as one of six storage facilities on the Snake and Henry’s Fork rivers. The multi-purpose project provides irrigation, power production, flood control, recreation, and fish and wildlife benefits.

The construction contract to repair the spillway is likely to be awarded in March 2011.