In a significant announcement posted on social media platform X, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali declared the successful completion of the fourth and final filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Prime Minister Abiy expressed his pleasure and gratitude, emphasizing the collective effort of Ethiopians who contributed to achieve this milestone.

Despite numerous challenges, including internal difficulties and external pressures, Prime Minister Abiy said that Ethiopia persevered with determination, but noted that it was not the end of their efforts. He voiced confidence in the nation's ability to complete their plans in the near future.

Prime Minister Abiy took the opportunity to reaffirm Ethiopia's commitment to supporting the dam's development until its completion. He also encouraged continued cooperation and unity among Ethiopians in various endeavors beyond the GERD project.

Ethiopia initiated the dam's filling in the summer of 2020. Situated on the Blue Nile river, a tributary of the Nile, near the Sudanese border, the dam is intended to furnish electricity to Ethiopia's populace and facilitate development and poverty alleviation. In 2022, only 44% of Ethiopians had access to electricity, according to a profile by the US International Trade Administration.

However, downstream nations such as Egypt and Sudan express concerns that Ethiopia's independent filling of the dam could significantly diminish the Nile River's levels and those of its tributaries in their territories, particularly during droughts. The Nile holds tremendous importance for regional countries, with Egypt relying on the river for over 90% of its water.

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