Europe is set to celebrate its first-ever “Dam Day – Reservoirs for Europe” on May 29, 2024. This new annual event, established to highlight the economic, social, and environmental benefits of dams and reservoirs, aims to increase public awareness of their significant contributions to local communities and nations across Europe.

The initiative was launched in March 2024 by EurCOLD (European Club of the International Commission on Large Dams – ICOLD), following a proposal by the Italian Committee on Large Dams in June 2023. “Dam Day” seeks to emphasize the role of dams in promoting sustainable social development and prosperity throughout the continent.

Various activities are planned across Europe to mark the occasion, spanning the days before and after May 29. Dam owners, authorities, associations, universities, and other interested parties are encouraged to organize events such as technical visits to dams, excursions, debates, seminars, and more. These activities aim to engage professionals in the dam sector, young professionals, students, stakeholders, and the general public.

ICOLD European National Committees are actively participating in the celebrations, promoting a range of events within their respective countries. An online campaign will also support these efforts, leveraging social media to spread awareness.

Given the increasing challenges posed by climate change and the energy transition, the role of dams and reservoirs has never been more critical. “Dam Day” encourages the public to recognize these benefits and support the sustainable development of these vital infrastructures for future generations.

For more information about participation and events in your country, visit your National Committee’s page here. Additional details on “Dam Day” can be found on EurCOLD’s webpage and LinkedIn page.