Residents in the region of Macacos, Nova Lima in Brazil have been evacuated as mining firm Vale sets in motion preventative actions as part of an Emergency Action Plan for the Dam B3/B4 of the Mar Azul mine. The evacuations come a few weeks after another dam operated by Vale fatally collapsed in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais state.

Vale has intensified the inspections in Dam B3/B4, which are being conducted by specialized professionals round the clock. The company says that there have not been any changes to the dam's technical data over the last few months and that the latest inspections have not detected any relevant abnormalities. New inspections are being conducted together with Brazil's National Mining Agency (ANM), and the dam is undergoing previously scheduled external audit.

 The company responsible for the dam decommissioning project has however detected that the geotechnical and geological model could be different from that used today. Until issues about the model are resolved, Vale has chosen to activate the emergency action plan and keep the area evacuated, as a preventative measure.

 Dam B3/B4 has been constructed using the upstream method and is part of the decommissioning plan announced by Vale.

Vale said it will fully assist and support the population until the situation stabilizes.