The scope of work will include: supply of instruments; installation at site including furnishing all labour, material, equipment, plant, tools, kits and accessories for installation, testing & calibration, maintenance, strictly as per the manufacturer’s instruction manuals required for the purpose; data collection/maintenance and recording of measurements from instruments, processing/analysis, presentation, interpretation, reporting and implementation during the construction phase and for a specific period during the post construction phase; devising remedial action for hazard warning level and suggest refinements as the work on the project components progresses; imparting regular planned training to HPPCL personnel covering all aspects of geo-technical instrumentation of the project components at site and/or at manufacturer’s premises.

Interested firms will be required to provide the following information including their eligibility to perform the services (in no more than 20 A4 sheets):

i) Background of the firm(s).

ii) General and overall experience of the firm(s).

iii) Summary of hydroelectric projects where geo-technical instrumentation has been undertaken in the country or region.

iv) Audited financial reports of the firm(s) for the last three years.

v) Nature, size, employer, location and type of input for contracts in hand.

The EOI with supporting documents must be delivered on or before 4pm on 11 November 2009 in sealed envelopes, marked with ‘EOI for Geo-technical Instrumentation for ongoing Hydroelectric Projects in HPPCL’ to the following address: Executive Director (contracts), HPPCL, Shanti Kutir, Chakkare, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Tel: +91 177 2832513, Fax: +91 177 2832307, Email: