Tozzi Green Hydro Madagascar has just completed the construction of its largest hydroelectric power plant to date – the 28MW Farahantsana plant.

Currently operational and connected to the interconnected grid of Antananarivo, the plant is located on the Ikopa River, in the rural municipality of Ambohimasina in the Itasy region. It is equipped with four Francis turbines with a capacity of 7MW each.

The Farahantsana plant draws 66m3 of water per second from the Ikopa River on a nominal head of about 42m and generates an annual output of 135GWh of electricity, enough to cover the average consumption of about 65% of the population of Antananarivo.

The development of the project started 10 years ago, with construction starting in 2018 with the collaboration of companies from Madagascar, Italy, and the Philippines.

Construction of the plant resulted in more than 750 direct local hires and enabled the growth of the city of Mahitsy and the municipality of Ambohimasina.