SN Power has announced that on 20 November, one person was killed and another seriously injured in an accident at the Bajo Frío Hydroelectric Project, in Renacimiento, Chiriquí Province, Panama.

The project is being developed by Agua Imara, part of the SN Power Group, together with its local partner Credicorp. The deceased, named as 33 year old Mr Castillo, was employed by Saret Steel Works, a sub supplier at the project.

An Independent Investigation team has been set up, and the fatal accident will be investigated according to Agua Imara’s standard procedures. Agua Imara is also working with the authorities to clarify any issues related to the accident.

In a statement, Agua Imara said the health and safety of the more than 1300 workers at the Bajo Frio Project is of vital importance. During the three years of construction of the Project, no incident of similar nature has occurred.

"We deeply regret this accident and assure that support and assistance to the families of the employees affected have been provided," said Torger Lien, CEO of Agua Imara and SN Power.

Bajo Frio is a run-of-river hydropower scheme and is located in the lower part of the Chiriquí Viejo River.

The project comprises a 45m x 300m dam, including the 28MW La Potra Power Station plus a 2MW unit in continuous operation to handle the ecological flow which at all times runs past the main station, a 2km long open head-race canal with a fore-bay, and the second 28MW Salsipuedes Power Station which discharges the water back into the river.