Plans for the new hydro plant were announced by the Solomon Islands government back in July last year. The project – to be located near the capital, Honiara, on the island of Guadalcanal – is part of the government’s plan to promote alternative energy sources to replace expensive fuel imports.

The project, which is being carried out with the support of the World Bank, IFC, AusAID, RAMSI, NZAid, and the European Investment Bank (EIB), is currently in its early stages.

The feasibility study is a critical first step of the program and will provide vital information on the technical and economic feasibility of the hydro power project.

The European Investment Bank is funding the feasibility study, yet the project itself is being managed and coordinated by the Solomon Islands government through the Tina River Task Force, which is a part of the Ministry of Mines, Energy, and Rural Electrification. Additionally, a TRHDP Project Office has been established with support from Australia.

The project will follow the requirements of Solomon Islands laws, World Bank Group safeguards, and European Investment Bank (EIB) requirements to ensure the project has a minimal environmental impact.

Following the feasibility study tenders will be put out for the selection by government of an independent power producer for the construction of the project.