The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is to help fund an environmental assessment for the proposed Tazi Twe Hydroelectric Project located in Saskatchewan.

The agency has allocated $50,000 to the Hatchet Lake Denesuline First Nation to support their participation in the federal environmental assessment. This funding was made available to the public and Aboriginal groups through the Participant Funding Program administered by the Agency.

The funds will enable participation in upcoming steps of the environmental assessment, which include reviewing and providing comments on the Environmental Impact Statement and on the draft Environmental Assessment Report.

Black Lake First Nation and Saskatchewan Power Corporation are proposing the construction and operation of a 42 to 50MW water diversion type electrical generating station at Elizabeth Falls. The proposed project would be located adjacent to the Fond du Lac River between Black Lake and Middle Lake, on Black Lake First Nation Reserve lands in northern Saskatchewan.

The proposed project would involve the construction and operation of a water intake, power tunnel, powerhouse, tailrace, submerged weir, construction camp, bridge, and access roads.