On 25 February 2001 the final forum meeting of the World Commission on Dams will take place in South Africa, Cape Town.

The three-day meeting was requested by the 68-member WCD forum as an opportunity to respond to ‘Dams and development: A New Framework For Decision-Making’, and share individual plans for specific activities. The forum is a partnership of NGOs, government and private sector representatives, multilateral institutions and affected people’s organisations, which has acted as a consultative body and a mechanism to discuss the thinking and direction of the Commission.

As WCD officially completed its work on 16 November 2000, the Commission will not have a hand in running this final meeting but it will be held by, and for, the forum members.

A core staff will, however, remain at the WCD secretariat until 31 March 2001 to help disseminate the final report. The Commission’s website will remain live for two more years after this date. It will also be issued as a CD-ROM to enable the website to become a reference point.

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