The project, originally scheduled to begin in October, has been put on hold until the Ministry is satisfied the dam does not prevent the ability of fish to move up and down the river. By law, the Ministry and the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans must approve the repair and redesign plans before construction can begin.The dam, originally built in 1929 for recreational purposes, was damaged during heavy flooding in 2000 and does not include a fish ladder. The city of London, which owns the dam and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, the dam operator, have submitted re-design plans to both government agencies for approval.However, the plans do not include a fish ladder or other device for fish passage. Funding for the project was granted by the government of Canada and the province of Ontario. The Thames river in Ontario is home to 15% of the endangered species in Canada and has been named a Canadian heritage river. Last October, the Thames River Anglers Association and the London Canoe Club voiced concern over the lack of a fish way in the re-design.