BC Hydro and Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans have signed an agreement resolving issues relating to fishery resources at Hydro’s Terzaghi dam, and on the Bridge and Seton rivers near Lillooet. The agreement returns water to a portion of the river which has been been dry for 50 years and restores it for the use of salmon.

The agreement includes: •Hydro will modify existing mechanisms to release water from Tergazhi dam in consideration of water flows for fish, water temperature and total gas pressure in the water during spill events. The company will aim to complete necessary work by 31 July 1999.

•From 1 August 1999 Hydro will release water equivalent to 3m3/sec from Carpenter reservoir through Tergazhi to the Bridge river until a water use plan is authorised by the Provincial Comptroller of Water Rights.

•Hydro will fund river channel shaping work in the dry portion of the Bridge river. Additional habitat restoration will be carried out by Hydro and the DFO.