In order to modernize the measurement and control technology at its Leitzachwerke pumped storage project, Stadtwerke München (SWM, Munich City Utilities) has chosen Flexim to retrofit the project’s 4m headrace pipelines.

The Leitzach plants, located about 40km south of Munich, include 0.5km² of lower lying basins. These basins are capable of storing approximately 2Mm³ and are connected to the Seehamer See via two pressure pipes, each measuring 4 m in diameter.

To modernize the project, the headrace pipelines were equipped with flow measuring devices for safety monitoring.

Given the huge nominal widths, a solution proved to be non-invasive, ultrasonic clamp-on flow measurement. Initially, the non-invasive technology was demonstrated in a test measurement using the FLUXUS®F 601. The efficiency of the installation proved to be one of the most important factors and the two measuring points were fitted with stationary FLUXUS®ADM 7407 transmitters. The transmitter is paired with the Variofix mounting system to ensure optimal transmission of the measuring signal into the pipe at all times and provide permanent protection. Due to non-invasive measurement technology, FLEXIM and SWM were able to permanently increase the operational safety of the system at a relatively low cost, without a great deal of construction work.