Flow Science,Inc. has formed a new subsidiary, Flow Science Latin America SAS (FSLA), to sell and support it’s suite of computational fluid dynamics software products throughout Central and South America.

Based in Bogota, Colombia, FSLA was formed by Flow Science in partnership with Simulaciones y Proyectos, its distributor in Spain and Portugal. The territory under management by FSLA will exclude Brazil, for which Flow Science already has a proven representative in Mettalforma Maqs. Equipamentos e Tecnologia Ltda (São Paulo).

"Our goal with this expansion is to extend and expand our ability to provide our highly-accurate and powerful FLOW-3D products in a large and growing region, and to deliver the same high level of service and support that we offer to our customers elsewhere. By removing the barriers of language and geography, we hope to build strong, lasting relationships throughout Latin America," said Tom Jensen, President of Flow Science.