Available from Alas Copco is the ROC L8, a flexible rig developed for both for pre-splitting and production drilling in hard rock. The machine, which has a deep hole capacity for drilling holes up to 165mm in diameter and benches up to 54m, offers an alternative to conventional rotary drills and rotary-DTH rigs, according to the company.

The track oscillation, high speed and low centre of gravity facilitate quick moves of the ROC L8 between set-ups. The ROC L8 is powered by a 317 kW (431 hp) Caterpillar diesel, which operates at only 90% of its capacity to aid extended life and lower fuel consumption.

The engine drives an on-board Atlas Copco XRV 9 screw compressor operating at 25bar and delivering 405l/sec for powering the down-the-hole rock drill and flushing the holes clean ready for charging wit explosives. A double drill tube guide also helps to achieve straight holes and easy collaring.