The Malaya Business Insight reported that all three units at the project will start feeding power to the Luzon grid in October, following a two year rehabilitation project at the plant, which had been shut down for 12 years.

The project, which is owned by SN Aboitiz Power-Benguet, Inc (SNAP-Benguet), came back on line in June following the start of commercial operation of its Unit 3 turbine.

The Ambuklao plant upgrade involved the construction of a new intake, headrace and penstock, elevation of tailrace tunnel outlet, de-silting of tailrace tunnel and replacement of electro-mechanical components.

Built in 1956, Ambuklao was the first among the country’s largest hydroelectric power plants with an original installed capacity of 75MW. Siltation and other technical problems caused by the 1990 earthquake that struck Benguet led to suspension of plant operations in 1999.

SNAP-Benguet is a joint venture company between SN Power of Norway and Aboitiz Power.