Two other GE businesses, GE Industrial Systems and GE Global Controls, will also provide equipment for the project.

The new generating facility, which replaces an existing small hydro power plant that has reached the end of its useful life, will be attached to an existing dam and reservoir to be modified for this use.

ge-hydro will supply two 7.5MW S-type turbines for the project, with the design provided by its Finland operation. Manufacturing of the turbine runners and tower assemblies will be performed in Finland, while other large components will be produced in Canada. GE Industrial Systems’ GE Motors unit in Peterborough, Ontario, will provide two 8.5 MVA generators, and GE Global Controls in Loveland, Colorado, will supply two Atlas governor systems and high pressure oil units.

Equipment will begin shipping in July 2003 and will continue through October 2003. Unit 1 is expected to begin commercial operation in January 2004, followed by Unit 2 in February 2004.