The Su Jia He Kou hydro power plant will feature three high-head, vertical Francis hydro turbine-generators, each with a maximum 105MW output, to be manufactured at GE Hydro Asia’s facility in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province. The power from the plant will be provided to China’s national electric grid.

The hydro turbines for the Su Jia He Kou project will feature GE’s latest runner technology, which has evolved from runners that GE first supplied for the Lubuge project in Yunnan province in 1985.

Shipment of the equipment to the Su Jia He Kou project site is scheduled to begin in February 2008, with the first unit expected to enter commercial operation by June of 2009.

In addition to supplying the hydro turbines, GE will execute a model test on the units and will serve as technical advisors for the project.