GE Vernova revealed today it has been selected by Yangtze Power to carry out a substantial upgrade for the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plant located in China. GE’s work will span the design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and commissioning of three sets of main shaft air supply pipes. Anticipated to conclude in the first half of 2024, the upgrade aims to fortify the plant's efficiency by enhancing the sealing mechanism.

The 6.4GW Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plant was commissioned in 2014 and stands as a prominent fixture downstream of the Jinsha River. With eight hydropower units, it ranks among China's largest hydroelectric installations. Notably, this enterprise plays a pivotal role in funneling clean energy from the western regions to the eastern parts of the country, catering to approximately five million people annually. Beyond its power-generation role, the project champions flood control, augments shipping conditions, and facilitates agricultural irrigation in the vicinity. 

Roberta Galli, Hydro Power Services Leader at GE Vernova, said: “This project builds on GE’s and Yangtze Power’s long-lasting relationship to unleash the potential of hydropower in China. From Pumped Storage to Services, China still has a huge potential to integrate more renewable and reliable energy into the grid and accelerate the energy transition in the country and beyond."

With an installed capacity of 391GW, China is the world's largest producer of hydropower, benefiting from its high mountain valleys and large rivers.

Xiangjiaba Hydropower Plant in China. Image courtesy Yangtze Power