Cushman II hydropower plant. Image by Tacoma Power

GE Vernova's Hydro Power business has been tasked with upgrading the Cushman II hydropower plant by Tacoma Power. The project focuses on the refurbishment of two turbine and generator units, each boasting a capacity of 27 MW/33 MVA, out of the three currently operational at the site.

The comprehensive scope of work encompasses the design, manufacturing, refurbishment, installation, and commissioning of two new generator stators. Additionally, the project entails the refurbishment of generator rotor poles, shaft thrust bearing, installation of two new turbine distributors, and the refurbishment of the turbine runner and draft tube.

Situated in Mason County, Washington, the Cushman II hydropower plant has been generating power since its commissioning in 1930, a capacity of 81MW. This plant plays a crucial role in providing renewable energy to approximately 40,500 homes in the Northwest.

Anticipated to be completed by 2026, the upgrade is poised to significantly enhance the availability and reliability of the power plant. The refurbished units are expected to contribute to the generation of renewable energy for the grid for another century.