Vera Silva, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer of GE Vernova’s Electrification Systems business, has been honoured with memberships to two prestigious engineering academies, one in France and one in the US. Recognized for her significant contributions to science and technology, particularly in the realm of integrating new technologies to modernize electrical grids and decarbonize electrical energy, Vera has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF) and the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Class of 2024.

The announcement comes as a testament to Vera’s leadership and expertise in advancing global electrification. Philippe Piron, CEO of GE Vernova’s Electrification Systems business, expressed his congratulations, highlighting Vera’s exceptional commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies for the future of electrification.

“She is an outstanding leader dedicated to developing the most advanced technologies for the future of global electrification. As the Chief Strategy & Technology Officer for GE Vernova’s Grid Solutions and Electrification Systems businesses, her membership is an invaluable asset to the academies,” Piron said.

The National Academy of Technologies of France gathers over 350 esteemed scientists and industry leaders to deliberate on scientific matters, provide impartial counsel to the French government, and champion the pursuit of new technology. Silva, the first GE Vernova executive to join NATF, will be formally inducted at a ceremony in Paris on March 11.

In the US, election to the National Academy of Engineering is considered one of the highest professional honours for engineers. With a total of 2310 US members and 332 international members, the NAE comprises a select group of distinguished professionals recognized for their technical achievements and leadership. Silva will join this esteemed cohort at the NAE's annual meeting in Washington DC on September 29.

“I am deeply honored to become a member of the NATF and the NAE, and am grateful for this recognition by my peers,” Silva said. “I look forward to sharing my expertise on the economics and operations of electricity systems and technologies with both academies to accelerate the global energy transition.”