The studies, undertaken by Energoprojekt Hidroinzenjering, measured the geological stability and permeability of the Brodarevo 1 and 2 dam sites. Work included completion of 24 drill holes of between 12.5m and 108m in length (900m in total), two galleries (total 120m), excavation of 11 pits, one shaft and 1500m of seismic surveys.

Reservoir now expects to be in a position to begin work on the river diversion this spring. The company is completing feasibility studies for the construction of two low-head run-of-river hydroelectric projects Brodarevo 1 (26MW) and Brodarevo 2 (32.4 MW), each with three turbines for an average installed flow of 150m3/sec and four spillways with surface and submerged overflows capable of passing through much larger amounts of water. The designs were tested and refined during a series of some 120 hydrological experiments using 1:40 scale physical models during the summer of 2011 and this geotechnical data represents the final set of input data necessary.

Energoprojekt is now completing the final stages of project optimization, designing on anti-erosion works and the mechanical and electrical equipment. The main design studies for the river diversion that will need to be completed to make space for the dam construction site for Brodarevo 2 is scheduled for completion in February.