A new concrete pump attachment has been launched by Bobcat to move concrete up to 76m horizontally and up to two storeys high vertically.

Approved for use on all Bobcat loaders from the 763 model and above, the hydraulically-powered concrete pump is designed to move, place and pour concrete, especially in restricted access areas. There is added flexibility, says the company, as the concrete hose can be routed through small openings, under decks, through bushes, across rivers and around trees and buildings.

Depending on hose length and diameter and conditions such as slump, additives and aggregate size and type, this powerful attachment mounted on a standard flow Bobcat loader can move up to 15m3 of concrete per hour. On a high flow loader, the attachment can move up to 22m3 per hour. A protective guard panel strains larger objects from the concrete mix.

The Bobcat remote attachment control system is used to operate the loader and pump. The pump uses industry standard hoses, elbows and couplers making it ideal as an add-on piece of equipment for concrete crews using larger dedicated pumps, who need to do smaller jobs, says the company.