A project to measure greenhouse gas emissions from hydropower reservoirs is now open for participation. The Methane Measurement in Reservoirs Project, a global greenhouse gas observation network, has 12 of its 20 available spots still open.

The project, a collaboration between the International Hydropower Association (IHA), Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), and Bluemethane, and funded by the Global Methane Hub, aims to generate new data to improve existing datasets and models. This initiative offers a free greenhouse gas measuring service for 20 hydropower reservoirs, including carbon dioxide and methane.

Key benefits:

  • Demonstrate industry leadership
  • Enhance emissions reporting and mitigation
  • Drive impactful climate action

Project details: Greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs primarily result from the decomposition of organic matter in sediments and water. Methane, a significant greenhouse gas, is produced under anaerobic conditions. The project’s data will update existing models like the G-res tool, a carbon calculator for reservoirs, ensuring more accurate emissions reporting.


  • Accurate measurement of site-specific greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved predictive models
  • Identification of high-emitting reservoirs
  • Guidance on where to implement methane recovery technology

How it works: The project offers a comprehensive measuring service including:

  • Training on sample collection
  • Detailed measurement protocol and equipment
  • Laboratory analysis of samples
  • Confidential results

Reservoir operators are required only to provide personnel for in-situ measurements.

Contact: For more information and to register, contact Eliana Bohórquez at eli@bluemethane.com.

Watch the information webinar recording here: https://www.hydropower.org/events/project-to-measure-methane-in-reservoirs