Groupe E has successfully kickstarted the production of green hydrogen at its plant situated near the Schiffenen dam. Currently, the company is in the process of conducting essential tests and making adjustments to prepare for the complete utilization of the facilities. The objective is to have the new site capable of producing approximately 300 tonnes of green hydrogen annually, which will be used to support the decarbonization efforts in the industrial and heavy mobility sectors.

Groupe E's milestone achievement brings the first-ever industrial-scale production of green hydrogen molecules to western Switzerland. The recent commissioning of two 1 MW electrolyzers at the site near Schiffenen dam signifies a significant step forward in sustainable energy technology.

Throughout the ongoing testing phase, controlled amounts of hydrogen molecules are being produced and released into the environment, posing no threat to local communities or ecosystems, said thr company. These tests are pivotal in validating the efficiency and reliability of the equipment, as well as ensuring the quality of the hydrogen produced.

Subsequent to the testing phase, Groupe E will transition into the operational phase, anticipated to span several months. During this period, the company's experts will meticulously monitor on-site processes, fine-tuning various parameters to optimize performance. Once all operational standards are met, the plant will be poised for independent, full-scale operation.

The Schiffenen hydrogen power plant project is pioneering in the context of western Switzerland, encompassing the entire hydrogen supply chain within a single location. At the heart of this initiative is the endowment turbine, located near the dam. This turbine operates consistently to maintain water flow for aquatic life and supplies the necessary electricity for water electrolysis, a key process in hydrogen production. Notably, surplus electricity generated, amounting to approximately 8,000 hours annually, is harnessed for this purpose. The produced hydrogen is then compressed, stored in tanks, and readied for road transportation, catering to regional demand.

Groupe E's vision for the project involves an annual production target of 300 tons of green hydrogen, free from any carbon emissions.