Itronix Corporation has announced that both of its handheld personal computers, the Husky fex21 and the Itronix T5200, will support the Microsoft Handheld PC 2000 operating system.

The Husky fex21 and the T5200 are highly ruggedised, wireless handheld computers, and are ideal for use by mobile operators and field service engineers, says Itronix. The units integrated wireless communications options include GSM, CDPD, BSWDm Motient and Spread Spectrum via PC Card.

‘We are fully committed to Windows CE and will integrate and support any new upgrades to the operating system and applications that Microsoft introduces,’ says Marco Landi, general manager of Itronix’s Handheld Products Division. ‘We know that Handheld PC 2000 is based on Windows CE 3.0, the same operating systems that is at the core of Pocket PC. If the results we have seen on pocket PC are anything to go by, we have high expectations of Handheld PC 2000, and will be integrating this into both the Husky fex21 and the T5200.’