Hawkeye is planning a dozen run-of-river plants with total installed capacity of 180MW, and it said the proposal is the first phase of its hydro power strategy. The plants range in capacity from 8MW to 40MW and are located in British Columbia.

The deadline for proposals to BC Hydro is 25 November, and in May the company had issued its own call for contractors to submit turnkey quotes only for the projects as part of its preparations. BC Hydro is expected to award Electricity Purchase Agreements (EPAs) over April-June next year.

The proposed projects are: Filer Creek (40MW): Chusan Creek (20MW); Seshal Creek (15MW); Powell River Trib 1, 2 and Upper Trib (15MW, 10MW, 9MW); Headwall Creek (14MW); Little Toba River Trib 3, 2 (14MW, 13MW); Elder River SE Trib 1 and NE Trib 1 (13MW, 9MW); and, Osgood Creek (8MW).

The company added that the 12 plants would offset approximately 540,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The plants are located in Toba Valley, Jervis Inlet and Powell river, and constitute Phase 1 of the company’s 350MW ‘Green Energy Grid’.

The company owns the whole interest in 34 projects in the development stage.