The patented built-in agitator, with its rotating cutter blades, will move from rest up to 60% solids by weight into the impellor and move material in applications not previously considered pumpable, says Euroflo.

Both the DP and ET series are heavy-duty submersible pumps. The DP series, in its standard format, has a maximum operating depth of 50m; 150m with pressure compensator, allowing liquid temperatures up to 60ºC and pH levels from 4–9.5. DP pumps can handle solids up to 120mm in diameter with motors from 11–110kW.

The ET series consists of top outlet pumps that can be partially immersed and supplied with an explosion proof certificate. Standard versions have a maximum operating depth of 20m. (The 15kW model is also available with pressure compensator for deeper pumping). Liquid temperatures up to 40ºC and pH levels from 4–9.5 can be accommodated. Motor sizes range from 0.75–15kW.

DV Series vertical sump pumps have a heavy duty wet end with integrated agitator, allowing stirring of solids up to 20mm in diameter and handling of high concentrations of material, even when there is rapid influx. Motor sizes from 2.2–110kW are available; from the 11kW model upwards, an oil tank and grease pump are mounted on the base plate.

The amphibious VH series can be used for surface applications as well as being partially or totally submerged. The design incorporates a unique agitator but can be supplied without it to function as a primer or booster pump. The series has a maximum operating depth of 20m with liquid temperatures up to 80ºC and pH between 4–9.5.

The three outlet VHA series provides for the mixing of slurry and pumping at the same time with just one pump and can operate to a maximum of 20m with liquid temperatures up to 80ºC and pH levels between 4–9.5.

Euroflo also offers a range of submersible excavators and dredgers designed to work in conjunction with Toyo pumps.

The company will offer a comprehensive support package across the Toyo range including pump sale and hire; repair and maintenance; turnkey projects; installation; pipe work and controls and leasing.

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