Experimental work leading to the development of efficient and improved stilling basins for pipe outlets is reported in this paper. The present experimental study is aimed at the development of new and efficient stilling basin models for the circular pipe outlets for very low inflow Froude number in comparison to USBR impact type VI stilling basin as proposed by Bradely & Peterka (1957). These models are tested for a model pipe having diameter d = 8.4cm flowing with an inflow Froude number Fr = 1.29. The performance of the stilling basin could be improved by using appurtenances like a sloping weir, a row of wedge shaped baffle blocks and a sloping end sill. The working of each model is compared by noting scour parameters like maximum scour depth and its location after the end sill. A non-dimensional number called Performance number has been suggested for comparison of performance of these models. It was observed that in the newly developed stilling basin models, the magnitude of scouring is reduced and the performance of the stilling basins is improved to a great extent as compared to the USBR type VI stilling basin.

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