The HSAF is a collaboration of representatives from different sectors who aim to develop a broadly endorsed sustainability assessment tool to measure and guide performance in the hydro power sector.

The Forum’s work centres around the International Hydropower Association’s (IHA) Sustainability Assessment Protocol (2006). It is determining the relevant issues to be included in the assessment protocol and the measurement approach for each of these issues. The work plan involves input from experts on key hydro power sustainability themes, on-ground assessments of schemes, workshop sessions focused on the Protocol, and input from key stakeholder reference groups.

In August 2009, HSAF released a full Draft Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (the ‘Draft Protocol’). This is provided as four stand-alone assessment tools, one for each key stage of the project life cycle. The project is assessed using the section relevant to its stage:

• Section I: Strategic Assessments

• Section II: Project Preparation

• Section III: Project Implementation

• Section IV: Project Operation

To access the draft documents and to leave feedback, please visit the IHA website at:

Further information on the HSAF process can be viewed in the related links section below.

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