Hydro 2005: Policy into Practice promises to be an interesting and informative event. The twelfth in the current series organised by the International Journal on Hydropower & Dams and Network Events, Hydro 2005 will bring together high level representatives of all countries with major water resources development programmes underway, with financiers, planners, consultants and suppliers also attending.

The conference includes an extensive technical programme featuring 18 sessions spread over four days. Topics covered include: world development potential and plans; best practice in planning and project implementation; newly evolving financing strategies; social and environmental aspects, innovations in technolofy (equipment and civil works), maximising the benefits of hydro (multipurpose schemes, synergy with other renewables), small hydro; aesthetics; plant life extension; and lessons from past experiences.

A major technical exhibition will run alongside the conference, giving the opportunity for all those involved in planning, design, supply and operation of hydro plants to demonstrate their services and expertise. For information on the exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Gael Bozac or Paul Tinton via tel: +44 20 8288 9009 or email: sales@hydropower-dams.com.

Study tours have also been arranged to some of the most important major dams and storage projects in Austria, as well as hydro schemes on the Sava and Soca rivers in Slovenia.

For further details on the conference, please contact Alison Bartle or Margaret Bourke on tel: +44 20 8643 5133, email: hydro2005@hydropower-dams.com, or visit www.hydropower-dams.com.

Hydro Technology Showcase

Have you considered on-line promotion of your products and services? The IWP&DC team is developing a Hydro Technology section on www.waterpowermagazine.com, which could include all the details about your latest product releases, together with photographs, technical details and live links to your site.
With over 230,000 page impresssions in the last three months alone, and over 5500 regular users, information about your products are sure to reach key decision makers in the hydro power and dams industry.
For further information on how you can take part in the Hydro Technology showcase, contact Scott Galvin via tel: +44 20 8269 7820 or email: sgalvin@wilmington.co.uk.