This event will bring together Heads of Licensing, Compliance, Environmental Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Legal Counsel and similar to discuss the most pertinent issues including but not limited to:

• Manage FERC’s authority under Parts II and III of the Federal Power Act (FPA)

• Enhance compliance strategies to facilitate trust, communication and a working relationship under FPA Section 10(j)

• Streamline FPA section 10(a) to manage the growing number of multi-party demands

• Automate hydro regulations such as the Federal Power Act, Clean Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act and Endangered Species Act

With a one-track focus, the Hydro Licensing & Compliance Forum is a highly intensive, content-driven event that includes case studies, presentations and panel discussions over two days.

For more information and to receive a $200 discount as a International Water Power and Dam Construction Magazine subscriber, please contact Michele Westergaard at and mention “Hydro Dam”.

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Hydro Licensing & Compliance Forum