The second pumped storage project at the site is to have a design capacity of 840MW and be completed in 2012. The contractor supplied the units to the first pumped storage plant at Zagorskaya.

Power Machines said that it would be supplying four pump turbines of 214MW capacity to the new pumped storage plant between 2009 and 2011. Each turbine will have rotor diameter of 6.3m, it added.

Elsewhere, at Hydro OGK’s Bureiskaya plant, the fifth unit has been commissioned for the 2GW scheme. Supplied by OJSC Power Machines, the unit has a capacity of 335MW – the largest of the units the contractor has installed so far, which have previously been 333MW and 185MW. The units have been installed since 2001.

Hydro OGK has a number of major hydro projects in construction, including in Siberia – the 3GW Boguchanskaya and next the cascade on the Timpton river. For currently planned schemes the company requires 5GW of turbines to 2011.

Established in 2003, Hydro OGK gathered key federal hydro assets under one organisation as part of the UES national power group. Hydro OGK is preparing to be spun-off and is working with banks on credit and project financing.

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