TransÉnergie, Hydro-Quebec’s transmission division, will be the first to install GE Power Systems’ new variable frequency transformer (VFT) technology at its Langlois Station in Quebec, Canada. The technology will enable TransÉnergie to interconnect with other power grids at a lower cost and with less risk than conventional converter technologies to gain greater transmission network operating flexibility, according to GE.

The VFT, developed by ge-hydro and GE Energy Consulting, is designed to provide a more reliable alternative to high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter systems conventionally used to interconnect asynchronous power systems. The VFT also requires less space than the HVDC systems.

As the project’s turnkey contractor, GE will supply all site construction, VFT transformer and balance-of-plant electrical equipment. The VFT interconnection will permit the substation to transfer an additional 100MW of power to and from these neighbouring power grids. The project is scheduled for commercial operation in May 2003.