Dear Editor, It’s time to go on a war path. While the hydro industry has desperately tried to push legislation through congress that would help make some sense out of the relicensing process, the other side has successfully received support from two well-known congressman to drive the final stake into the heart of hydro.

In one grand play, they are trying to reverse the court decision they lost regarding use of pre-project conditions, obtain even greater control of licence requirements, and worst of all – can you imagine going through relicensing every 15 years when it already takes as long as seven or eight years to go through the process? This will be a real test of political will and commitment.

You have to wonder sometimes why the CEOs of the hydro companies and other organisations can’t get into the act and get such attempts off the table. Someone needs to get mad! Yours sincerely, Ron Corso Mead & Hunt Vienna, Virginia, US