The consultant is hosting a delegation from Malaysia today. Scott Baddiley, general manager, said: ‘We are hopeful of developing further business opportunities following the visit and as a result of the current work we are doing in Sarawak.’

In July last year the firm began work on a Aus$1.6M (US$1M) project that involves feasibility studies for four hydro power plants in Sarawak – Metjawah, Punun Bah, Pelagus and Belaga in the Rajang river basin. The studies are to be completed in August.

Metjawah, Punun Bah and Pelagus are low head projects with capacities ranging from 100MW to 216MW. At Metjawah, the project would have a 10m high concrete weir.

Belaga is a high head project that would have a 80m high RCC dam and installed capacity of 230MW.