Hydropower from the Luleå river is to power a major data center in Boden, northern Sweden for the next two years, following the signing of an agreement between utility Vattenfall and Swedish colocation service provider Hydro66.

The agreement initially covers a potential supply of 40-50MW 100 percent renewable hydropower with certificates of Guarantee of Origin (GoO) for the 8000m2 Hydro66 colocation data center facility

"Establishing our first green data center in Boden means we can offer at least 50 percent annual cost savings to our customers along with an environmentally friendly solution and enhanced flexibility. Vattenfall has met all our requirements and being the biggest energy business in Sweden their network, expertize in the area and production and grid possibilities made the supplier choice very easy for us", said Paul Morrison, Business Development Director, Hydro66.

The data center industry in Northern Sweden is rapidly developing into a new basic industry and is an important new growth segment for Vattenfall in the Nordics. Vattenfall data center power supply customers already include Facebook and KnCMiner.