Hydro-Québec has unveiled a strategic Action Plan 2035, which includes plans to expand hydropower capacity to meet surging demand and bolster Québec's position in the global energy transition.

Michael Sabia, President and CEO of Hydro-Québec, asserted the critical role of clean electricity in combating climate change and driving the energy transition. Sabia stated, "Our Action Plan 2035 will guide us towards replacing fossil fuels with clean electricity, creating sustainable prosperity, and prioritizing customers at the core of our decisions."

An aspect of this ambitious plan is the commitment to add 3800 to 4200MW of new hydropower capacity by 2035. Recognizing the pressing need for increased electricity generation, Hydro-Québec aims to triple wind power while significantly expanding its hydropower portfolio, contributing to Québec's clean energy resilience.

To achieve this, the company plans to enhance the capacity of existing generating stations and develop new hydropower facilities, including the integration of a pumped-storage facility. The addition of this substantial hydropower capacity is expected to play a crucial role in meeting the estimated 60 TWh increase in electricity demand by 2035.

The investments required for this clean energy expansion, alongside the augmentation of the transmission grid, are projected to range from $90 to $110 billion. 

Hydro-Québec's hydropower expansion aligns with its broader strategy to diversify the energy mix, incorporating wind power, solar energy, battery storage, and exploration of emerging technologies. The goal is not only to meet the increasing energy demands but also to decarbonize Québec's current consumption, with 75% of the additional capacity dedicated to this purpose.