Eurelectric and VGB PowerTech have announced the development of hydropower fact sheets that outline capabilities, challenges and key figures including policy recommendations.

The fact sheets were launched at a high‐level event in the European Parliament in Brussels, hosted by Angelika Mlinar, MEP, last month. The fact sheets are supplemented by a leaflet “Facts of Hydropower in the EU” presenting all relevant data and facts about hydropower in Europe.

In a statement the firms said they had launched the new fact sheets because it is often overlooked that hydropower plays a major role in meeting Europe’s ambitious energy transition goals today. In particular, it complements the increasing share of variable renewables in the European power system. With increasing ambition for decarbonisation the need for sufficient flexibility, firm capacity and the ability to balance variable generation is set to increase.

The Hydropower Fact Sheets and leaflet are available to download here.